ASHRAE Standing Standard Project Committee 55 (SSPC 55)
Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy


SSPC 55 Membership Roster

(as of 4/12/2016)

Name Term Position Interest Category
Voting Members (17)
Pande, Abhijeet 2015-2019 Chair General Interest
Eddy, Josh 2015-2019 Secretary User
Alspach, Peter 2015-2019 Member User
Arens, Edward 2012-2016 Member General Interest
Bean, Robert 2015-2016 Member; SSPC 62.2 Liaison General Interest
Farese, Philip 2015-2017 Member Producer
Hartman, Thomas 2014-2018 Member User
Khalil, Essam Eldin 2015-2017 Member General Interest
Lesser, Thomas 2015-2019 Webmaster Producer
Mora, Rodgrigo 2013-2015 Member General Interest
Francis, Offermann 2015-2019 Member General Interest
Poots, Zaccary 2014-2016 Member Producer
Rimmer, Julian 2014-2018 Member Producer
Schoen, Lawrence 2015-2016 Member User
Tillou, Michael 2014-2018 Member User
Turner, Stephen 2014-2018 Member User
Williams, John 2015-2019 Member User
De Dear, Richard 2015-2019 Non-voting Member General Interest
Humphreys, Michael 2015-2017 Non-voting Member General Interest
Int-Hout, Daniel 2014-2018 Non-voting Member Producer
Paliaga, Gwelen 2015-2019 Non-voting Member User
Jonathan, Olsen 2015-2017 SSPC 62.2 Liaison Producer
Dunlap, John 2013-2017 Non-voting Member SPLS Liaison
Weber, Mark 2004- Non-voting Member Staff Liaison

Revised Date:
April 12, 2016

SSPC 55 Membership Information

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